What its like living with depression

Hey guys! I intend to star a blog series called “Keep talking about it”, with the intention of talking about the certain aspects of society that really should be spoken about, but for some reason aren’t. The first few are going to be about depression as its a big issue, but for some reason it has fallen into some strange taboo section of society where people don’t wish to talk about it and instead suffer in silence, so the first one is about me being diagnosed with depression and what it is like.

All the information from this blog is in video format as well if you would prefer, comes with visual aids that vary from Leonardo Di Caprio to Pikachu 🙂  (link below, tried to be all clever and imbed it into the blog, but I’m not clever)


A few weeks ago I got diagnosed with possible depression, then it turned into probable depression and Now it’s just plain old middle of the road depression, But the problem was I don’t know how depression effects people. it’s one of those words that is thrown around and used to label people- you know someone is depressed and you know there not well but you don’t know how there not well. So I’m making this to tell how I’m not well, I can’t talk for everyone withe depression as it is a spectrum but I’m hoping telling how it effects me may help some people understand.

When I tell people I have depression, most people expect me to be sad, but that’s not what it is…its emptiness, it feels like someones just walked of with all your feelings and your there like “hey, I was using those”. I know this almost sounds cool, like a robot, like Arnold Schwatsnegger from the terminater movies, but its not. You go through the day and you’r like ice cream- “ok” or it’s Christmas- “ok”, then the bad stuff happens like your dog having to be put down and your emotional response is still just “ok”. There’s no longer a relation between the world and your emotional response. An analogy to describe it is like saying you ran out of oranges and want oranges, but your local orange store is now a pet store. You can go into the store, but no amount of gold fish or kittens is going to fix the problem you don’t have orange, nothing you do in that store has any effect on the fact you no longer have oranges, the same way nothing you do has any effect on the fact all you feel is emptiness, and whats the point of getting up in the morning when your’ll get just as much joy out of lieing in bed that you would by doing anything else

While all this is happening, your constantly confused, you don’t know why this happening to you and you don’t know whats happening, and your minds racing, trying to work it out, trying to understand, and you just can’t. Why can you go through your dog being put down, but when a cold breeze catches you off guard you can’t help but descend into a tearful madness.

Then it gets more confusing, there’ll be people in your life who make it hell for you, people who wont understand, but I’m lucky I have a lot of wonderful friends who have been so helpful (thankyou to them), but the deeper you fall the more you hold on to them and the harder they hold you back. Its wonderful they do it, but you live in fear that from your perspective they are holding you up, but from theirs, your  just dragging them down with you. You hate yourself for burdening then but your to scared to let go, they are one of the only things in the world that invoke an emotion in you, and you don’t want to let it go but you want them to. The guilt becomes crushing, and you loathe yourself for being to weak to do what you think is the right thing, and let go. You want it to be like titanic, your stranded in the ocean of mental health problems, there safe on there floating door thing and they promise to never let go, but you hope they do because it will be easier for them. This guilt is the type of thing that plagues you all the time and you can’t shake.

That’s what depressions like, at least that’s what its like for me so far. Its scary, its confusing and you wake up everyday wondering what the purpose of getting out of bed is and in my opinion it is frequently overlooked and underestimated as an ailment. I don’t know how, but I hope sharing my story may help someone either struggling with it, or someone understand what it’s like.

4 thoughts on “What its like living with depression

  1. Howdy, this was well-written and I can actually relate to your aptly articulated descriptions here. I’ve suspected (as of about a year now) that I suffer from some form or another of depression but have never told anyone of this looming suspicion out of the fear of being judged, treated differently, being told that I actually do suffer from depression or just being told that I’m overplaying things in my head. My emptiness is not as great in the morning as it is in the inky reaches of the night, but that vacuum of emotion is ever-present and is a lead weight. I can’t fall asleep without distracting myself with something to watch as my thoughts would otherwise keep me awake. It would be cool if we could talk about this some time, as I’ve never really managed to before myself and it might even be helpful for each of us to do so?
    Congratulations on this admirable blog,
    Somebody you know

    1. thankyou very much and Im so sorry this reply is so late, im still getting the hang of this web site. If this is something your concerned about then I strongly recomend you see a GP to discuss the possibility of it, its highly unlikely your overplaying things in your head. I think meeting to talk about it would be a good idea, and I think it would help the both of us 🙂 if your still up for meeting then email me and we can discuss, I check them daily so if you ever want to talk just contact me there 🙂

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